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The Ultimate Planner for

Finding Your Next Home in Retirement

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The Ultimate Planner for Finding Your Next Home in Retirement is finally here!

This revolutionary online course is designed to thoughtfully and thoroughly guide retirees (and those nearing retiree-wannabees!) through finding a home and moving in retirement.

Drawn from Jill's 11+ years in the Move Management industry and her involvement on national and local boards, plus research and feedback from my sellout live seminar series, The Ultimate Planner will take a deep dive into designing and finding your next home in retirement--without the overwhelm!

This six module, video-based course will comprehensively cover the process of identifying the best features for your perfect home in retirement. It will help you consider location, structure, finances and even the purpose you want to live out in your life after work and kids. And in the end, this course will help you evaluate real homes and then choose your best home for retirement.

The course is also jam packed with 18 downloadable planning activities, worksheets, checklists, and resource lists to help you along your journey.

If that sounds like a LOT, don’t worry! Jill's unique and comprehensive process is broken down into six bite-sized, completely "do-able" modules. Her process is SO simple, you can actually implement each step in your own life right away (or, whenever you’re ready!)

Join Jill as she shares the knowledge you need to make this critical decision, plus her own insights as a daughter who has lived this process more than once with her own parents, and as a 60-something herself, planning her own future retirement.

You will finish the course with the confidence that you’re making the right decision for your lifestyle AND your finances! Doesn't that sound amazing? Click here to learn more about the course.

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