Jill's Quick Guide to

Age-Specific Communities for Adults "55 and Better"

If you've been on the fence in planning out your retirement, 2021 is a great year to make a solid plan for your future, whether you downsize or move this year or several years down the line! All month, here on my website blog and on my Facebook page, I'll be sharing valuable information and tips about your living options as you approach retirement. 

However, most of us delay this planning process, and for good reason! It can be difficult and overwhelming to identify your living options, much less sort through these age-specific communities with different names and contract types.

The handy infographic below offers a quick-glance cheat sheet to some of the main types of Age-Specific communities, including both Active / Independent and Assisted Living. We cover these and MORE options in greater detail, plus talk contract types, and benefits of each one in my online course, The Ultimate Planner for Finding Your Next Home in Retirement. The course will not only deliver a treasure trove of valuable information (in one place!), but it also gives you the tools, advice, and confidence to make the decision of which home will best support your lifestyle, wellbeing, and finances as you age.

If you're not ready to commit to the full course, my free webinar also covers the Independent Living options listed in the infographic, PLUS a number of options outside of these age-specific communities. You can sign up for a free webinar session here (it's just about an hour long, with plenty of sessions to fit your schedule, and contains a ton of valuable information and free resources!).

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Infographic called "Quick Guide to Age-Specific Communities for Adults 55 and Better" featuring different types of senior living communities.